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A premier dental practice located in Searcy, Arkansas. Dr. Todd Wyatt is committed to offering the best dental care available for the whole family in a compassionate, relaxed atmosphere, utilizing the most advanced technology available. One of the first things people notice about you is your smile!

Dr. Wyatt

At Searcy Dental Associates, we are pleased to provide several general treatment options and aesthetic options for enhancing your smile.

We appreciate your interest in our practice. Working together, we can assist your entire family in maintaining healthy, beautiful smiles for years to come.

Thank you for choosing Searcy Dental Associates!

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Kelsey BairdKelsey Baird
16:58 20 Sep 23
I absolutely love this place! They treat me wonderfully and talk to me each step of the way for each and every treatment!
David CannonDavid Cannon
22:05 18 Sep 23
I got shingles last Fall (11 months ago) and have had a sore tooth ever since. And over time that soreness got worse and worse. My gums were infected, and the infection under the tooth lasted so long that a cyst had grown under the tooth. I wanted to keep that tooth, but I finally woke up last Friday and had an epiphany! If that tooth was doomed to just keep on hurting, then it was time to get rid of it.Todd Wyatt's office got me in on Monday, they took one x-ray, knew immediately it needed to come out, and had it out--all in less than an hour. I've never seen a dental office like Searcy Dental Associates. Timely, professional, friendly. They've got it all!!
Melissa BoganMelissa Bogan
15:11 12 Sep 23
The whole entire staff was so kind made experience much easier!!!
Richard CarterRichard Carter
19:28 31 Aug 23
Fantastic dental clinic. The people here are very welcoming and upbeat. They’ve taken care of me and I’m definitely happy. TYVM
Rees LloydRees Lloyd
17:21 23 Aug 23
Great people. Always easy to work with. Highly recommend!!